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Billiards computer simulators are very popular among all age groups. It’s also undeniable that there will be a lot of fans this genre on tablets too. Developers need only to create a beautiful, simple application with good physics and acceptable opponents. Such as such a game 8 Ball Pool.

8 Ball Pool 4.6.2 – one of the best pool simulator for Android, where you have to confront real players from around the world. Starting play from a beginner level, improve their skills by participating in matches 1 vs 1 or tournaments of 8 people, where for the overall victory will have to exert a lot of effort.

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To play 8 Ball Pool you will need a game currency (coins and bills), some of which is issued the first time the application is launched. Well, then everything is simple – the winner gets the winnings. In addition to coins, you can also get a variety of bonuses, cups, exclusive cues, etc. If you have an account on Facebook or MiniClip, then directly from the application you can challenge your friends by inviting them to a game of billiards.

8 Ball Pool – The best free pool games on android

Opening the main menu of the game, you can see that the application is easy to perceive, and complements the picture of the abundance of bright colors. A design like this we want to see in the games – it is getting the pleasure to play it and you do not need to worry how to start play because everything is easy. An important role is played by the absence of ubiquitous obtrusive advertising.
In total, there are 5 game modes: one by one game, a tournament, mini games, a duel with friends and training. In offline mode, only training is available to you, while in others modes mean rivalry with living people. The fact that you are fighting for a victory with the alive person but not a machine that is impossible to win, adds a lot of interest because a person can make a mistake. Opponents in 1-vs-1 mode are selected fairly – roughly equal in level. For each victory the player receives coins, for each defeat – they lose them.

8 Ball pool gameplay

However, in the tournament, you can find a rival more advanced. This happens, for example, if a gamer lost enough “gold” and now has no opportunity to contribute to a more prestigious championship. The tournament itself consists of several games, which can be won at times to increase their financial position in the virtual world.

Each player who started the game will have 1 level, the more you play, the higher it is. There are also statistics that show all player levels. Clicking on the enemy icon you can find out how serious it is – if he has 100% wins playing 100 games – then it is a bad sign for you.

As for the gameplay, it is extremely clear and intuitively simple, and during the games, there are no slowdowns and suspensions. In front of you is a game that perfectly suits for evening relaxation, when after a hard day you want to leave all thoughts and plunge into something relaxing.

We would not advise playing in the game in motion, for example, in the subway or anywhere else, as even millimeter deviation from the desired position of the cue is fraught with missed in the pocket. There is a chat between the players, but you can not write yourself, but you can only use the proposed list of phrases.

The application has its own store, where for real money you can buy advanced goods. In the screenshot, you can see what categories of goods there are, but at the same time, you can buy all the same improvements for the game currency, although it will take more time to accumulate it.

Something about coins

One of the game currencies, you can buy a cool cue on it and take part in more steep tournaments. There is also a more valuable currency “Currency” 🙂
The main way to get coins is, of course, often to win rivals. But there are a couple of small ways: once an hour to receive 25 motions, viewing the commercial or install one of the proposed games.


Tournaments – a very large proportion of billiards on Android. There are 4 levels of tournaments. To participate in the easiest and cheapest you can immediately after installing the game. This way of competition warms up excitement!

8 Ball pool download

To play more serious tournaments you will need to try: first, accumulate the necessary number of coins (maximum 50 thousand) to participate, and secondly gain a little experience, not to lose all the accumulation. Also in serious tournaments, there are more strict rules: ordering pockets for the eight, without lines of sight, order pockets.

Usability and settings

As we wrote above: The interface is intuitive. The game control buttons are simple and beautiful. There is a game chat, you can see the profile of another player during the game.

There is a good set of settings that will help make the game more comfortable, such as language change, cue sensitivity, vibration, power indicator position, chat and privacy settings, rotation.


8 Ball pool settings

Advantages of the game

  1. The possibility of entering not only through FaceBook and an internal account but also through Google+. Also, I consider it a great plus to test the game as a guest.
  2. Fast training.
  3. There is a possibility of playing on Android without a network. You can practice.
  4. Shows the direction of the strike.
  5. Nice design.
  6. You can do without buying game currency


  1. There is no way to practice with a computer. Only 2 game modes without the Internet: yourself against yourself or at the time.
  2. Battery lower (as in any online game).
  3. No 3D review, which would be a great bonus.
  4. There have been cases of loss of in-game currency or its accrual after wins (according to user feedback)

The main characteristics of the game in one table

Android OS
2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x 6.x 7.x
Language English, Deutsch, Russian, Italiano, etc
Last update 08/06/2018
Application Categories:
Sports - Simulators
Downloaded (Play Store):
100 000 000–500 000 000

Trailer 2017:

Below you can see the video demonstrating all the main features of the game.

Download and Play online

Our site has a special repository of APK game files of various versions. By clicking on the button you will be able to choose the actual version of the game. In addition, on this page you can find Mega Mod, which unlocks some features of the game.

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In addition, the “Miniclip” developers have been able to play “8 pills” online directly in the browser. By clicking on the button you will go to the section where you can play multiplayer and win other players.

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