8 Ball Pool Game. Corner Kick Trick

Hi everybody!

The trick # 1. It’s time to show you a couple of spectacular but at the same time very simple shots, which help you to surprise your opponents. Today’s issue we will start with one of the simplest shots. Suppose in the process of the game you have a similar situation as a video – there are a lot of its solutions, but we will focus on the most spectacular impact that does not occur in other players.
What do we need to put the ball in the corner pocket? Only one – queue with good impact force. Surely you have it. To effectively score a ball in the pocket, let’s expose it between two marks on the rail (as in the video).  Now, lets set the target right there to the rail of the middle pocket. Pay attention to everything should be exactly as the video. Then all you need to do is to strike with full power. Blow-success. Agree, everything is very simple.
The trick # 2. If you put a cue ball – we have an alternative version of this shot. Just set a cue ball a bit lower targeting is the same as in the previous case, but this time lets set a fool backspin and use your full power. More details in the video.

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