8 Ball Pool Game. Trick #3 -white line.

Hello! We have a new trick for the game. This time you are waiting for a whole two tricks from the author with a white line. We put the cue ball to the border directly on the white line. And we aim straight as the author of the video. This place is important for our today’s master class. It is from this place that you can strike two hits. Let’s start with the first one.
If we put the power on the 75%, then we can put to left down the pocket.

And another version of the same hit. We aim as we did the previous time, but this time we will beat a little bit stronger. Put four smart. And this time you will fall into the right down the pocket. It will be an amazing shot.

Which cue to choose for this tricks.

In fact, all cues are suitable for this tricks, you just need to find the right strength for your cue. For example, let’s choose a tiger cue, put the sight exactly the same as the previous time. But the strength here is to choose 3.3. That’s all. Well, if you want to score in the bottom corner of the rule – you need all the power of this cue.

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