How to Play 8 Ball Pool

Review 8 Ball Pool or the best Billiards game for Android

Today we would like to bring your attention the game dedicated to the billiards 8 Ball Pool. Attention: in the review there are a lot of pictures, so we do not recommend for people with a weak Internet connection. Actually the first screensaver of the company of developers “MINICLIP” is not so fast, but this is only the first time the game is launched.

8 Ball pool

Then you will be in the menu of the input selection. You can log in as a guest, under a Google account, under facebook and a miniclip account. First time I selecting a guest, this was my fatal mistake. I got to 12 level, and accidentally deleted the game. Running it again after reinstalling, I again went in as a guest, but I was mistaken for the user with the 1st level. Well, I just decided to enter under the Google account and lead a career through it, which I advise you to do too.

However, if there is no Google account, we enter using other ways, this will not affect the game process in any way.

So, after entering you will be sent for training, which can not be avoided, however it passes quite quickly, seconds 20.To make a blow just move the cue in the right direction. You can move the sight itself.

And after the direction of the cue, in the lower left corner, slide the force indicator of the impact.

It’s great

To start playing with real people (the first game), click on “Play Now” and you will be redirected to find a partner.

I forgot to say. If you go under a guest, then you will have a nickname on the example of “Guest000000000”, and if under another account, it will be your name.

So, here’s the table where you will play. I will briefly explain the rules. You need to roll the ball into the hole. Not any like balls. You can not roll a white and black ball. You can not roll up enemy balls. Balls are determined by the principle – who first rolled the ball. If you were the first to roll a ball with white inserts, then you should roll balls like that.

Well, I’ll tell you how I play. If I break the first, then I put a white ball in the upper right corner and beat.

Usually, I roll about 1 ball. Watching which ball I rolled, I choose the next one.

In this case, the best option is the blue ball. Do not forget to put a point where to hit on the ball to the right from above, however, I almost never use it.
Everyone, you have rolled, my congratulations!) If you rolled the ball, you will be allowed to punch one more time until you smudge.

On the top left there is a menu in which you can select: close the game, Super strength, leave the table and settings.

In the settings, you can set the desired parameters.

But I never used super powers, I do not see any sense in them.

At the top after the “menu” is “Chat”, but in it you can enter only those phrases that are written there.

Also, you can see information about the player. Sometimes it is not exact.

Well, in fact, we take and win 🙂

After the first game you get 2 level and 1$ which (having typed the necessary amount) can be spent on bonuses and cues.

The game has a large selection of locations at different rates. So also 2 kinds of game – 1 vs 1 and tournament. There is cues shop. So you can choose any one.

The result

This game really likes me and I’m still playing now.



  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Play online.
  • Good Graphics
  • Good Physics
  • Big holes


  • Well, to play offline is impossible. (Only training)
  • This feeling when you lost ((