Update 4.0.2 for 8 Ball Pool

We hasten to report that today, on September 13th, a new update for the game 8 Ball Pool was released. This update brought some innovations and pleasant emotions for the players.

What’s new in 8 Ball Pool

  • You can create your own club or join the already ready to choose
  • If you decide to create your own club, you can invite your friends
  • Every good player can improve the results of his club, this also applies to bad players, so be careful who you invite to the club
  • Every week you can move to higher leagues of clubs provided that your club is worthy of this level. Become the best club and reach the level of the Diamond League
  • If you need coins or you want to share them yourself, you can do it through club chat
  • Consider yourself the best players in the club, brochure the ups and downs to your club members and determine the best player



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